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I work for the World Wide Web Consortium as XML Activity Lead.
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I also keep an XML Blog.


Text Retrieval
I have been working on my Unix text retrieval system, lq-text again recently. It was dormant for a while, but as far as I can tell it's still the best system for use in shell scripts. In 1994 I gave a paper on it at Usenix, A Text Retrieval System for the Unix Operating System.

Open Source
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Thieving Slang
Here is a 1736 dictionary of canting and thieving slang by Nathan Bailey. Find out what they said in the London Underworld of the Eighteenth Century! There is also an 1811 slang dictionary and a collection of canting songs in the thieves' tongue.

Old Books
Scanned images from antiquarian books; pictures of castles, and some odd texts; various dictionaries; texts about some Mediaeval prices.

Oratio Dominica
The Lord's Prayer in 100 languages, made in 1713.

Includes a link to some books about calligraphy.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Valinor IRC Server that I administered when it was on the SorceryNet IRC network

IRC Glossary
Glossary of terms and abbreviations used on Internet Relay Chat

IRC Programs you can use (also known as IRC clients)

IRC script and reference site for the (oddly-named) BitchX Internet Relay Chat client for Unix

IRC++, a paper on a possible replacement for the IRC protocol, to improve robustness and saleability.

Ankh in Socks (and again), courtesy Josh (JGH)

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Liam's résumé
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Pictures of Liam, his family, of old castles, of England.

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