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My time at W3C is divided between writing semi-daily news, proofreading our technical reports, the Patent Policy Working Group, Communications Team support, editing our Activity statements, and compiling the W3C Manual of Style.


In case you like to cook, here is my mother's recipe for Ginger Cream cookies, and a childhood piano teacher's recipe for Carrot Bread. Pardon the U.S. measures.


Except this picture of sheep on the Mediterranean, my pictures of the W3C Team trip to Nice fried in an airport x-ray machine. Remember not to check bags containing film; carry on is safer. The photos of our trip to Hong Kong made it home.

Westerberg Album

Billboard promises for 23 April 2002 a 2-CD set from Vagrant Records named Stereo by Paul Westerberg, one of The Replacements. A music critic who in 1985 called The Replacements "the last rock'n'roll band," said that when the Rolling Stones played Ruby Tuesday at Madison Square Garden, every other woman thought she inspired the song. Well, I sure thought I was "kind of like an artist sitting on the floor."


Susan in jeans holding driver license, standing in front of white Camry parked at a curb

On New Years Day 2002, I bought a 1989 Toyota Camry and spent the holiday season learning to drive a car for the first time. A state Department of Motor Vehicles examiner decided I earned a driver license on 11 January. This does not mean I know how to drive yet.


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Susan G. Lesch
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