Contract Proposal: Technical Editor

Last updated: 20 February 2005



3689 Martha St.
San Diego, CA 92117-1814
tel: +1 858 483 4819
fax: +1 509 272 7791
mailto: billing@textet.com
EIN: 03-0388111

About Textet

Textet's editing service excels at working through the World Wide Web and Internet with the W3C global Team and Membership. Textet exhibits the meticulous attention to detail that a standards organization requires. Textet's principal has seventeen years of experience with online editing, software testing, documentation, and interface design, and eleven years of experience operating Web sites and implementing W3C Recommendations. Knowledge of W3C Membership organizations and their markets, respect for and ability to work in the W3C consensus-based process, and familiarity with computer language specifications are competitive advantages Textet has over traditional technical writers.


Textet will perform the functions that are assigned to Textet by the Head of Communications, ensuring consistency and continuity for the W3C Membership and Team. These work areas are outlined below and correspond to Textet's effort in the Team effort table as of January 2005: 40% Public Relations, 40% Member Relations and 20% Web Site Support.

  1. Public Relations
  2. News Service
  3. Domains, Activities and Working Groups
  4. Web Site Support
  5. Meetings
  6. Other Responsibilities


Total charges for 12 months are not to exceed $91,721.60.


Compensation for 12 months is not to exceed $82,721.60. Textet asks $39.77 per hour, less than the US industry average. Hours will average 40 hours per week, not to exceed 2080 hours for 12 months.


Technical Plenary Week, 28 February - 4 March 2005, Boston, MA, USA 1800
Advisory Committee Meeting, November or December 2005, Boston, MA, USA (tentative location) 1800
Advisory Committee Meeting, 5-7 June 2005, Mandelieu, France 1800
Offices and Communications Team meetings, January 2006, Sophia Antipolis, France (tentative date and location) 1800
Travel as directed 1200
Subtotal $8,400
Phone 250
Software 100
Miscellaneous 250
Subtotal $600
Total estimated expenses $9,000

Cost Reduction

To help the World Wide Web Consortium conserve its resources, this proposal includes cost reduction. The hourly rate was reduced. Travel to Japan in 2005 was eliminated. VoIP telephones reduced estimated expenses. Textet does not bill W3C/MIT for computers, network, or mobile phones, or for their associated monthly charges. The contract price was thus reduced overall by approximately $14,000.

Contract Terms Summary

The contract will be for 12 months, 1 January 2005 through 31 December 2005.
Textet will be an independent contractor with the W3C at MIT. Textet is not a sub-contractor and no employment agency is involved in this contract.
Averaging 40 hours per week, not to exceed 2080 hours for 12 months
Not to exceed $39.77 per hour and not to exceed $82,721.60 for 12 months
Travel Charges
Not to exceed $8,400
Miscellaneous Charges
Not to exceed $600
Total Price
Not to exceed $91,721.60