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Have you ever wondered what information is being collected as you browse the Web? The Privacy Dashboard is a Firefox extension that enables you to see some of the practices that websites are using, e.g. whether they include 3rd party content, perhaps with lasting cookies that can track you across the Web, or are using a variety of other techniques. You can set your privacy preferences on a site by site basis, ranging from carefree to paranoid. The Dashboard also improves upon the browser’s built-in support, making it easier to track and revoke which sites you have told Firefox to provide your geolocation to.

The Dashboard is currently available as an alpha release (see screenshots), and I am looking for volunteers with an active interest in privacy on the Web to help with its maintenance and further evolution as an open source project. This work was made possible by the support received from the PrimeLife project under the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme. If you are interested in helping out, please contact me at <dsr at w3 dot org>.

About dsr

I am a member of the [ W3C] Team working on assignment from [ JustSystems]. For more details see my [ personal page].

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