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My personal space

There is intense interest currently in Apple’s success with a walled market for apps you install locally on the device. Developers get a route to market, and Apple helps with monetization in return for a substantial share in the money. … Continue reading

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Machine Interpretable Privacy Policies — A fresh take on P3P

W3C’s Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) was published as a W3C Recommendation in July 2002. It defines a machine interpretable format for websites to express their privacy practices, but failed to live up to its initial promise. One factor behind … Continue reading

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New directions for natural language systems

In my spare time I am working on a project to explore the potential for a new generation of natural language systems, inspired by what could be done with a fusion of computational linguistics, cognitive science and symbolic reasoning. This … Continue reading

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Privacy Dashboard

Have you ever wondered what information is being collected as you browse the Web? The Privacy Dashboard is a Firefox extension that enables you to see some of the practices that websites are using, e.g. whether they include 3rd party … Continue reading

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