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Beyond 3D printing

3D printers are very much in vogue and used for everything from spectacle frames to jet engine components. They work by building up a 3D form one thin layer at a time. A variety of materials can be used depending … Continue reading

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Anonymous credentials in the browser

Identity matters!  In everyday life we present different “faces” to different people according to the social context, e.g. family, personal, and professional. Our online life is the same, and our privacy depends on keeping these different faces compartmentalized. To support … Continue reading

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New directions for natural language systems

In my spare time I am working on a project to explore the potential for a new generation of natural language systems, inspired by what could be done with a fusion of computational linguistics, cognitive science and symbolic reasoning. This … Continue reading

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W3C Fellow for XBRL and the Semantic Web

JustSystems have kindly agreed to sponsor me as a W3C Fellow for work on XBRL and the Semantic Web. XBRL gives precise semantics to financial reports and has the backing of financial institutions around the world. There is tremendous potential … Continue reading

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SVG Open 2008 and web-based editing of SVG

I have just returned from SVG Open which this year took place in Nuremberg, Germany, hosted by Examotion. I gave two presentations, one on my work on rendering and editing SVG using Flash, and another on model-based design. With the … Continue reading

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XBRL is an XML language designed for filing company reports and backed by the SEC and regulatory authorities in Europe and Japan. It makes it possible to be very precise about the accounting concepts used in a particular report, including … Continue reading

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Turning the Flash Player into an XML application client

After struggling for a long while with the limitations of the scripting APIs that browsers expose for SVG and HTML, I have decided to try something different and to explore the potential of the ubiquitous Flash player. I wasn’t particularly … Continue reading

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Investigations towards a web-based slide editor

One of my software projects is Slidy, a web-based slide presentation application that has proven popular amongst the W3C Team and elsewhere. It uses CSS to render HTML div elements as slides, and JavaScript to move from one slide to … Continue reading

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