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3 September 2004

Making Apache automatic indexes valid

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Apache, as probably most Web servers, have this feature where it will show an HTML formatted list of the files and directories under a given directory if no so called “index” files was provided, through its autoindex module; while it can prove handy, especially when used with the HeaderName and ReadmeName directives, it has a major drawback: its output is not HTML valid!

Even though the code sets a proper doctype, it uses the <img> tag inside a <pre> elements, which is not allowed in HTML 3.2 (nor in the following versions):

2 September 2004

Using the Semantic Web for my QA work

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My work at W3C is supposedly split into two different activities: as a member of the SysTeam, I’m setting up and implementing projects to ease the operations of W3C work; as a member of the QA Team, I’m trying to work on making W3C end products – mainly, its specifications- “better”, part of the job being to define what “better” means.

Where does my work in Semantic Web projects fit, then?

1 September 2004

Dealing with dates in cwm

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cwm is the main Semantic Web toolkit I use to manipulate RDF; while it has some speed issues – really, it shouldn’t have them in the next release -, it allows to use N3 Rules which are tricky to write, but are so much more powerful than declarative programing that at least you feel good once you have written them.

A recurrent pattern I have encountered regards dealing with date differences, e.g. comparing the date of publication of a document with the current date; here is what I’m using (e.g. in detect-missing.n3):

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