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22 October 2004

HTML Profile-based GRDDL

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I released few days ago an updated version of the XSLT-based GRDDL demonstrator that implements the HTML profile-based GRDDL solution, that DanC had implemented in Python and explained back in May.

The idea is rather simple: instead of relying on a specific profile ( completed with a bunch of <link rel="transformation"> elements to point to the GRDDL-izers for a specific Web page, it makes it possible to bind a set of GRDDL-izers to any profiles; this means basically packaging GRDDL-izers in re-usable sets, so that you don’t have to duplicate the same information over and over.

8 October 2004

Let’s celebrate!

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I’m in Chicago since the start of the week, working with one of my colleagues on various projects, having fun with IPP (the boring looking implementation of W3C Patent Policy) to make it as integrated as possible with other W3C tools; I just finished interfacing it with our TR automation set up, using RAP, a set of PHP modules to parse and use RDF in PHP, with a good and straightforward API for the little I’ve used.

Among all this hacking was the back end of the W3C 10th Birthday Celebration greetings card, using one more time XSLT as a way to format the content of a mailing list archives that actually collects the greetings.

27 September 2004

New laptop

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Friday, I got a new laptop, a Dell Latitude D600, to replace my Compac Evo N400c; using the new Debian installer for Sarge, it took less than 20 minutes to get a working environment, with Gnome 2.6 and most of the hardware functionalities working… Quite a big improvement since the last time I used the Debian installer!

The main piece that didn’t quite work as is, is the ACPI configuration; fortunately, other people than me have gone through this, and following these Dell D600 tips for Linux, I think I got the remaining bits working; a few notes to other Debian users with regard to the notes linked above:

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