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7 January 2005

copy/pasting between Emacs and other apps

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Finally, a good solution to make Emacs behave reasonably well within my Gnome Desktop with copy & paste operation.

One of these terrible “un-break me” configuration options, where the user is left to wonder why this was broken in the first place…

5 January 2005

Laptop touchpad advanced features

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In my regular reading of Planet Gnome, I stumbled upon the possibility to use more advanced features for most laptop touchpad using the Synaptics driver for XFree86.

The said driver is compatible with my Dell D600 Latitude, but as an ALPS device. To get it to work on my debian set up, I had to:

  1. apt-get install xfree86-driver-synaptics
  2. enable evdev as a kernel module in Device Drivers/Input device support/Event interface
  3. ensure that the support for PS2 mouse was set
  4. apply the patch provided with the drivers package to my 2.6.8 kernel sources in /usr/share/doc/xfree86-driver-synaptics/alps.debian.patch.gz (cd /usr/src ; zcat /usr/share/doc/xfree86-driver-synaptics/alps.debian.patch.gz | patch -p0)

16 December 2004

Creating nice relative URIs with XSLT

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I needed today a way to create nice relative URI paths in XSLT. The point was, given a relative URI A foo/bar/toto, and another relative URI B baz/tutu supposed to be relative to the same base, calculate the URI path from A to B, in this case ../../baz/tutu.

Although it isn’t very complicated, I figured that other people may need this very same facility, since it’s a classical problem when using XSLT e.g. to build a Web site. Plus, I tried to make sure it would generate “nice” paths, for instance avoiding that the path generated to go from foo/bar/toto to foo/baz be ../../foo/baz instead of the simpler ../baz.

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