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13 April 2005

XHTML-based slide show tools

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The days were you had to have PowerPoint to visualize slides show are fortunately going away; the current offer for XHTML-based slide shows is pretty good, and growing:

Educational materials for Web Architecture

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The W3C Technical Architecture Group published its first volume of the Web architecture back in December — by the way, an excellent read for those that are versed into understanding the foundations of the Web technologies.

And now, they are asking for contributions to educational materials on this very topic, in exchange of having it reviewed by the Web architecture leading experts, and being linked from the W3C Web site, much the same way the QA Team has been asking for contributions to QA Tips; so, if you have anything in your basket that fits the description, it’s probably a good deal.

6 April 2005

GRDDL in Raptor!

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Dave Beckett announced two days ago that he had started to implement GRDDL in raptor! One more implementation of GRDDL on track, and a first real user for the GRDDL Test Suite

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