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26 April 2005

Named versus Numeric Entities

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I was kindly notified that my RSS feed was ill-formed for the past few days, because of an — entity in one of my previous posts. While I have fixed manually the issue, I was asked in return why this entity made my feed invalid. I’m taking this question as an opportunity to start a new category on tutorials about markup languages; it may end up being only one article only, but I’m interested in getting more questions for this category if people find it useful (let me know through comments or mail).

21 April 2005

Links annotater

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The Web is a formidable tool to host documentation; nothing new about that.

But documentation, be it on the Web or not, tend to rot when not maintained. Nothing new about that either.

While documentation maintenance is probably better addressed at the social-engineering level, there are tools that can help manage it; namely, a few weeks ago, W3C Systems Team went through the process of cleaning up our internal documentation on processes, tools, services, configurations, etc. that sits on our Team-only Web site, but is too rarely kept up to date with the latest developments.

13 April 2005

GRDDL at XTech 2005

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I failed to mention a few weeks ago that I have submitted a proposal on GRDDL to XTech 2005 and that it was accepted! So, I’ll be in Amsterdam to present it on Thursday May 26 at 14:45; the conference program looks pretty exciting generally speaking, and at the very least, having been accepted there will allow me to attend all the other promising presentations…

(I’m noting it now because I’ve been working the last few days at preparing the accompanying paper; I would link to it, but I’m not sure this would be fair to do it before the conference…)

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