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6 July 2005

Beautifying URIs

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It’s not because URI are opaque that they should be ugly. Call me a Web-purist, but I manage to have opinions on the esthetics of URIs.

The single most ugly part of a URI is usually the query component (i.e. the part after the question mark), where Web-based applications communicate a varying number of parameters of diverse importance. The most widespread ugliness is probably these sites where any single page is with a URI à la index.php?page=welcome.

1 June 2005

XTech trip report

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Due to a combination of hardware difficulties, network instability and my poor multitasking abilities, I haven’t been able to blog directly during the conference, but I guess better late than never, so here come a few randoms thoughts about the XTech 2005 conference.

First and foremost, the conference was great! There were only very few talks that I attended that were not direct interest to me, and in any case, it was a great opportunity to meet and chat with some of the people you’ve met and chat with before, but only or mostly electronically…

24 May 2005

XTech 2005

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I’m leaving later today for Amsterdam, where I’ll be attending the XTech Conference for there rest of the week, with a pretty exciting program; I haven’t yet ever tried conference blogging, but if my laptop doesn’t die (it’s making weird disk noises and has been very uncooperative lately), I may take a stab at it…

I haven’t yet made a plan of what sessions I’ll be attending, but I already know where I’ll be Thursday afternoon

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