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15 September 2005

Integrating a new URIs scheme handler to Gnome and Firefox

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As DanC mentioned, we’ve been playing with configuring Firefox in Gnome to use tel: URIs with our Vonage service; in short, this means you can click on a link à la tel:+1.555.123.4567 and get your Vonage phone calls the said the number. In practice, your phone starts ringing, and once you pick it up, it dials the said number.

Most of the actual work is done by Click 2 Call which offers a Web interface to your Vonage line. But getting integrated nicely in your browsing/desktop experience is fun.

So, how do you get a new URI scheme to be handled by Firefox or Gnome?

14 September 2005

Setting up a secure remote X session with gdm

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After the video card in my desktop computer fried last week for some reasons unknown to me, I moved to use my laptop as the basis of my daily work environment for a few days. And now that my desktop is back in service, I’m thinking to move to a laptop-only mode. But this move is pending some hardware complements (e.g. a port replicator), and I decided that I should start using my laptop system right now rather than later; I’d rather not plug all my existing devices in the laptop since I would have to unplug them too frequently, so I’ve decided to transform at least temporarily my desktop in a simple X Terminal.

9 September 2005

Setting Vonage line on and off

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For my W3C work, I (and a good chunk of the W3C Team) use Vonage as a Voice over IP service that allows me to participate to teleconferences, call my colleagues, etc. for a very low cost.

But one of my issues with it is that, being with a US number, you can get spammers calling you at US hours, which may or may not match the actual timezone you’re in. I had asked a while back to the technical support in Vonage if there was a way to ask your line to be off (i.e. directly on voicemail) at well-defined times of the day, but to no avail.

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