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11 September 2007

W3C Systems Team starts a blog

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My daily work schizophrenia makes me half Mobile Web Initiative Activity Lead, half a developer in the W3C Systems Team (a.k.a. “Systeam”).

The first half of my self has started blogging in the MWI Team Blog a while ago – and I’m now trying to make sure to import these blog posts in this very blog as well -, and my second half has now also a new blog output available: the Systeam blog opened yesterday, and I’m hoping my colleagues and I will feed it regularly with the various hacks, open source contributions, and practical advices that we come up with.

28 August 2007

New W3C GRDDL service

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Screenshot of the new W3C GRDDL Service

To celebrate the progress of GRDDL towards its final stage, and to replace the aging and somewhat unreliable XSLT-based GRDDL demonstrator, I’ve just released a brand new W3C GRDDL service.

It simply takes a Web page and extracts the RDF statements it can find in there using GRDDL.

I have made its source code available on W3C Public CVS server, but the gist the work is done by the underlying library, python-librdf, the Python binding for Redland. Particular thanks to Dave Beckett who provided amazing user support to help setting this up!

23 August 2007

The WaSP looks at the iPhone

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The WaSP (the Web Standards Project, the famous standard evangelism group), in the person of Aaron Gustafson, takes a look at the disruption the iPhone has created in the Web and the mobile Web.

In summary:

  • the good, the quality of safari of a mobile web browser
  • the bad, the lack of support for some standards
  • the ugly, the ermergence of iPhone-only Web sites

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