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13 January 2009

JQuery, yummy

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I have resisted for a long time to use Javascript in my Web projects, for two main reasons:

  • it is relatively painful to write standard-compliant (read DOM-compliant) javascript;
  • I’ve brainwashed myself to associate Javascript with accessibility problems.

I keep fighting myself on that second reason – the movement toward Graceful Degradation & Progressive Enhancement certainly helps me making peace with myself on that front. I guess some of my early Web experience where I ended up coding an entire Web site mostly in Javascript gnaws at my standardista conscience…

6 January 2009

Return of the Mobile Style Sheet in A List Apart

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Return of the Mobile Style Sheet in A List Apart

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An article I wrote on the use of style sheets targetting mobile devices, titled Return of the Mobile Style Sheet, is published today in A List Apart.

It gives some practical advices on how to combine CSS Media Types, CSS Media Queries with a bit of tooling help from Javascript and server-side filtering, to create a mobile-friendly CSS layout that will work across a large number of devices.

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