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6 July 2007

A bright eclipse

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Most of the Web development I work on is, for good or for worse, using PHP – my natural preference would go to coding in Python, but PHP is what was and is available on the W3C servers, and I’ve become much more fluent in it than in any other programming language.

18 September 2006

Offline Web cache with Squid

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One of the nice properties of HTTP as a protocol is that it includes a very well-thought caching protocol, which allows for proxies and caches to serve as intermediary between the authoritative server and the end-user client.

While this is often used either in big proxies set up where one proxy caches results for a large set of clients, or at a micro-level where a given user agent keeps some set of resources in its private cache, I’ve found it much more useful to set up a full cache for my laptop that allows to do transparently off-line browsing.

11 January 2006

Using a Treo 650 PDA with Debian on a Dell

My Treo 650 showing this very web page

I just got a brand new PDA-phone last Monday, a Tréo 650 running PalmOS.

I have been reluctant to cell phones for a long while, finding them rather invasive: when you own a cell phone, people expect to be able to reach you on it pretty much all the time and everywhere. At some point, the trade off between this cost and the advantage of being able to call some people all the time and everywhere tipped the balance, and I finally decided to get a cell phone for my personal usage.

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