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14 March 2013

Standing at work

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The past few years have seen the rise (ha!) of a trend of people with an office job working while standing (rather than sitting). A lot of the motivation for that trend has been health-related, based on the argument that sitting 8 hours or more per day was not something our bodies had evolved for — something I can easily relate to.

9 October 2009

Prezi vs JessyInk

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I gave a couple of talks over the past month, where I chose not to use the W3C-traditional HTML-based slides (using Slidy), but instead to use a more graphical approach, using two different tools:

I’m summarizing below my experiences with both these tools.


Prezi is a Flash-based tool, that allows both to build and show 2D-presentations.

16 June 2009

Validating XHTML Basic 1.1

As I was trying to validate a large number of XHTML MP 1.2 files (the ones in one of the OMA’s XHTML MP test suite – whose welcome page itself ironically is not well-formed), I realized that the tool I was using, based on the WDG HTML validator as packaged by Debian, was making network access requests when used on these XHTML MP 1.2 files. I then moved to use xmllint with the --valid option, but it had the same behavior.

As one of the W3C Systems team member, I’m acutely aware how bad is the practice of fetching DTDs over the network over and over again.

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