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17 March 2005

CSS 3 Modules dependencies visualized

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The CSS Working Group is developing its CSS 3 technology as a set of modules ; each module describes a specific subset of properties, syntax rules, processing model, etc.

Given the relatively high number of said modules (24 at this day), and knowing that there are interdependencies between them, it becomes quickly hard to follow what’s going on and in which order.

To help get a clearer view of the CSS landscape, I decided to fire up my XSLT gun armed with a bit of RDF…

  1. a spidering XSLT style sheet gets from the RDF list of W3C Technical Reports those that were produced by the CSS Working Group

4 February 2005

GRDDL Test Suite

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I’ve announced recently the first release of a GRDDL Test Suite, whose goal is to allow to evaluate GRDDL implementations with regard to the specification.

The test suite is composed of

  • a series of input/expected output documents – for the time being, only XHTML input has been integrated in the test suite
  • an RDF list of these test cases, binding input and output documents, and defining the purpose of the test case – much as described in the QA Wiki on test metadata; the RDF vocabulary I’m using to that end is the one that was developed for the RDF Core test suite, mainly because it existed already – I’m not sure yet if this will prove to be benefitial in the end in terms of tools

26 January 2005

GRDDL on the desktop

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While it’s fun to be able to play with GRDDL on the Web, what I would really love to see is desktop applications using GRDDL to integrate with the Web; some random ideas:

  • get Evolution to be able to subscribe to an HTML page to import contacts from it; this would suppose: getting Evolution to understand an RDF contacts vocabulary (e.g. SWAD contact or FOAF), and then to get it to understand GRDDL – either with the full URI dereferencing/XSLT processing, or simply with a few well-known HTML profiles to encode it- maybe Chandler would be a better application to target?

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