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2 September 2004

Using the Semantic Web for my QA work

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My work at W3C is supposedly split into two different activities: as a member of the SysTeam, I’m setting up and implementing projects to ease the operations of W3C work; as a member of the QA Team, I’m trying to work on making W3C end products – mainly, its specifications- “better”, part of the job being to define what “better” means.

Where does my work in Semantic Web projects fit, then?

9 July 2004

GRDDLizer for visited countries

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Having discovered the RDF Vocabulary to describe countries one has visited that Morten had developed and integrated in a WordPress plug-in, and seeing the nice results it gives in the FOAF explorer, I decided I wanted to use it, too.

But I was kind of reluctant to use the WordPress plug-in for this: I don’t want to put too much in my wordpress set up, and generally speaking, I’d rather avoid using too much of the database infrastructure that comes with it. Plus, I already had a list of countries I visited in XHTML on my personal web site, and it didn’t look like a good practice to duplicate that.

8 July 2004


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While I wish there was a continuous effort behind GRDDL, so that we could get more Semantic Web harvesting tools supporting it, I’m still trying to push a little of GRDDL data here and there.

Who’s who at W3C?

The W3C Team is presented in a single page with links to home pages, email addresses, bios, etc. An obvious target for GRDDL-ization!

First step was to make it XHTML instead of HTML 4.01, since GRDDL is only designed to work with XHTML; that was a good occasion to clean up the mark up and use the strict DTD rather than the transitional one.

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