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1 June 2005

XTech trip report

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Due to a combination of hardware difficulties, network instability and my poor multitasking abilities, I haven’t been able to blog directly during the conference, but I guess better late than never, so here come a few randoms thoughts about the XTech 2005 conference.

First and foremost, the conference was great! There were only very few talks that I attended that were not direct interest to me, and in any case, it was a great opportunity to meet and chat with some of the people you’ve met and chat with before, but only or mostly electronically…

19 May 2005

GRDDL specification updated works with Microformats

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The GRDDL specification was updated with a new version last Monday. While there was quite a bit of editorial work (mainly the work of DanC), there were two really impotant changes:

  • the document is now a Team Submission rather than a Coordination Group Note; this was the shortest way to update the specification, given that no Working Group has clearly manifested an interest in maintaining the document at this time (see the related discussion) , but this is not necessarily the final status of the specification
  • using GRDDL as a way to describe a specific HTML profile has been officially added to the specification

13 April 2005

GRDDL at XTech 2005

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I failed to mention a few weeks ago that I have submitted a proposal on GRDDL to XTech 2005 and that it was accepted! So, I’ll be in Amsterdam to present it on Thursday May 26 at 14:45; the conference program looks pretty exciting generally speaking, and at the very least, having been accepted there will allow me to attend all the other promising presentations…

(I’m noting it now because I’ve been working the last few days at preparing the accompanying paper; I would link to it, but I’m not sure this would be fair to do it before the conference…)

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