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28 August 2007

New W3C GRDDL service

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Screenshot of the new W3C GRDDL Service

To celebrate the progress of GRDDL towards its final stage, and to replace the aging and somewhat unreliable XSLT-based GRDDL demonstrator, I’ve just released a brand new W3C GRDDL service.

It simply takes a Web page and extracts the RDF statements it can find in there using GRDDL.

I have made its source code available on W3C Public CVS server, but the gist the work is done by the underlying library, python-librdf, the Python binding for Redland. Particular thanks to Dave Beckett who provided amazing user support to help setting this up!

17 July 2007

GRDDL is a moving along…

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I haven’t written about GRDDL for a long time, and in fact haven’t been much involved in its recent developments; but seeing it published as a Proposed Recommendation some 3 years after the first draft I wrote, and less than a year after its first public working draft in the Recommedation track, it feels like my baby just graduated!

Kudos to the GRDDL Working Group for the amazing job they did of formalizing, cleaning and working out the hard issues that existed in the original specification!

23 September 2005

Introducing “BigBrother”, yet another Semantic Web bot

As anybody really interested in the Semantic Web, I had to write a Semantic-Web enabled IRC bot; and so I did…

Well actually, the first thing I did was to review the existing bots; I’m OK with writing a bot to prove my attachment to the Semantic Web, but not if that requires some actual work. And the good news is: there is plenty of existing code to work from. A few notes on the ones I quickly looked at:

  • Emeka that I didn’t really test, since it relies on a recent API addition to 4Suite which wasn’t available on my Debian testing

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