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16 October 2008

Video on Mobile Web and accessibility

Filed under: is a French Web site that publishes video tutorials on accessibility, and they interviewed me a few weeks ago on the relationship between designing web sites for people with disabilities and for mobile devices.

Watch the video on their site (with subtitles for those who can read written French better than they can understand spoken French).

Screenshot of the video

Video on Mobile Web and accessibility

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23 April 2008

The Web on the Move in WWW2008

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This morning, I chaired a session on the Web on the Move as part of the W3C Track in the WWW2008 conference in Beijing.

Besides the latest news from the Mobile Web Initiative that I presented (slides) – it’s always gratifying to go through all the achievements we’ve made over the past few years, and exciting to look ahead to more of those -, the session went through three quite different aspects of the usage of the Web on mobile devices:

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