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29 June 2006

Mobile Web Best Practices checker

As announced in the WWW2006 conference and as part of the Press Release accompanying the publication of the Mobile Web Best Practices as a Candidate Recommendation, work has started on the development of an open-source Best Practices checker.

It is still at alpha release stage and hasn’t been properly reviewed by the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group; meanwhile, developing it has been a lot of fun!

28 June 2006

WWW2006 trip report

I was attending and presenting in the WWW2006 conference last month, and haven’t been able to publish a trip report since then… Bad me!

My last WWW Conference was three years ago and didn’t leave me with great memories, but this year’s edition was certainly much better than any other WWW Conference I’ve been to, and getting close to be as inspiring as XTech was last year – I haven’t been to XTech this year, so I don’t know how good it was, but read some positive reports on the 2006 edition as well.

10 March 2006

Doing HTTP caching in PHP

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Since the Mobile Web Best Practices highlights that caching is a particularly important feature when browing the Web on a mobile device, I just wrote a new associated technique on how to do proper caching when using PHP.

While Mark Nottingham’s excellent tutorial on the topic covers most of it already, the technique provides some additional code example, as well as some illustration as how to use it with MySQL.

Nothing ground breaking, but I’ve been using this code in most of my PHP applications over the past years, and it certainly gives a nice and warm feeling of being a good HTTP citizen when you pass the Cacheability validation.

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