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11 September 2007

W3C Systems Team starts a blog

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My daily work schizophrenia makes me half Mobile Web Initiative Activity Lead, half a developer in the W3C Systems Team (a.k.a. “Systeam”).

The first half of my self has started blogging in the MWI Team Blog a while ago – and I’m now trying to make sure to import these blog posts in this very blog as well -, and my second half has now also a new blog output available: the Systeam blog opened yesterday, and I’m hoping my colleagues and I will feed it regularly with the various hacks, open source contributions, and practical advices that we come up with.

28 June 2006

WWW2006 trip report

I was attending and presenting in the WWW2006 conference last month, and haven’t been able to publish a trip report since then… Bad me!

My last WWW Conference was three years ago and didn’t leave me with great memories, but this year’s edition was certainly much better than any other WWW Conference I’ve been to, and getting close to be as inspiring as XTech was last year – I haven’t been to XTech this year, so I don’t know how good it was, but read some positive reports on the 2006 edition as well.

11 January 2006

Using a Treo 650 PDA with Debian on a Dell

My Treo 650 showing this very web page

I just got a brand new PDA-phone last Monday, a Tréo 650 running PalmOS.

I have been reluctant to cell phones for a long while, finding them rather invasive: when you own a cell phone, people expect to be able to reach you on it pretty much all the time and everywhere. At some point, the trade off between this cost and the advantage of being able to call some people all the time and everywhere tipped the balance, and I finally decided to get a cell phone for my personal usage.

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