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30 October 2007

W3C Technical Plenary is next week

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Every year since 2000, W3C gathers a good chunk of its 69 groups (which, by the way, represent a community of 1500 persons) for a week of face-to-face meetings, offering the opportunity to have joint meetings between these groups, as well as plenty of informal interactions between the participants.

But one of the big highlight of the week remains for me the Technical Plenary day: during a full day, all the participants week are put together in a big room to discuss some of the hot topics in the W3C community, based on a set of presentations and panels. As always, all the proceedings of the event are released publicly, making for a great source of knowledge available to all – you can see for yourself from the list of previous technical plenaries.

25 October 2007

ParisWeb 2007

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I’ve been invited to participate the Paris Web conference, in (how-surprisingly) Paris; I’ll be closing the conference on November 16, presenting the ongoing work of W3C on the Mobile Web, and in particular the recent progress on mobileOK.

I’ve heard plenty of good things on last year edition of the conference, and the programme this year looks quite promising as well; so, no doubt, I’ll be there!

Paris Web 2007, 15, 16 & 17 novembre, J’y serai !

3 October 2007

DOM Childnode

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As announced to my team mates a while ago…

<dom_bene healthy='yes' happy='very' tired="very">
   <mathias start="20070913T043100Z" weight="3.265kg" cute="mostintheworld" healthy="yes" />

(and also the reason why I may have been a bit less responsive over the two past weeks…)

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