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22 January 2009

Microblogging: what for?

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So I started microblogging a few days ago, most probably as a result of my co-chairing of the Workshop on the Future of Social Networking – although I can’t really say there was a conscious connection between the two events.

Twitter and friends have been around for quite some time now, and microblogging hadn’t really appealed to me, despite a few experiments here and there; I had started to follow some colleagues and friends tweets by subscribing to the resulting RSS feeds, but hadn’t really found a good motivation to use it to generate content.

20 January 2009


In case it wasn’t clear from the past three entries posted here, I have started to microblog on – the open version of Twitter. I’m still trying to figure out whether I should have my posts also mirrored on twitter, where most of other microbloggers I know are gathered – oh for openmicroblogging in Twitter!

I had started aggregating my microblogs on this blog through feedwordpress, but found the results too noisy – in particular since this blog is syndicated on the W3C Team blogs’ galaxy where the microblogs would end up filling all the entries. I’m still looking into finding a good way to show my microblogs on this site, though; for the time being, they are a link away.

19 January 2009

dontcallmedom: Now working on collecting and publishing slides, minutes, etc – linking from

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Now working on collecting and publishing slides, minutes, etc - linking from

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