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3 September 2004

Making Apache automatic indexes valid

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Apache, as probably most Web servers, have this feature where it will show an HTML formatted list of the files and directories under a given directory if no so called “index” files was provided, through its autoindex module; while it can prove handy, especially when used with the HeaderName and ReadmeName directives, it has a major drawback: its output is not HTML valid!

Even though the code sets a proper doctype, it uses the <img> tag inside a <pre> elements, which is not allowed in HTML 3.2 (nor in the following versions):

29 July 2004

WordPress customizations

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I’m really happy with WordPress, the software through which this blog is run; I’ll probably switch to it in my personal blogs as well… Still, I had to make a few changes to be really satisfied:

  • I integrated a few bugs fixes that have been done apparently in CVS, regarding the caching of the RSS feeds
  • I made it so that every page has proper HTTP caching, not only the RSS feeds; this isn’t completely optimal, since the way the code is set up right now doesn’t take into accounts the comments, i.e. a page will claim it hasn’t changed even if comments have been added to it; I don’t see that as a big problem for the time being, but hope to fix that in the future

28 July 2004

One more W3C Team Blog

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As part of the discussion on W3C Team having work-related blogs, Richard Ishida just started his own blog, with entries on the very many cool tools (among other things) he has developed to help people use the Web with different languages…

See also the list of W3C Team Blogs Karl compiled a few weeks ago.

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