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18 January 2006

Geographical site map

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Inspired by MaxF’s recent cool photomap hack, I wrote my own version of the tool that works in a more general case: basically, you feed it with an XHTML page, and it will spider any other page linked from that page and extracts GeoURL data from them, and put them in a javascript file. When this javascript is called from an HTML page, it inserts a Google Map with markers for the various pages.

See how it looks on my personal site:
Screenshot of a page rendered using this tool

21 April 2005

Links annotater

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The Web is a formidable tool to host documentation; nothing new about that.

But documentation, be it on the Web or not, tend to rot when not maintained. Nothing new about that either.

While documentation maintenance is probably better addressed at the social-engineering level, there are tools that can help manage it; namely, a few weeks ago, W3C Systems Team went through the process of cleaning up our internal documentation on processes, tools, services, configurations, etc. that sits on our Team-only Web site, but is too rarely kept up to date with the latest developments.

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