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20 September 2006

Making this blog mobile friendly

As I quickly noted when I got my Treo 650 PDA, this very blog didn’t look quite good when used on the Web browser included with it (Blazer v4).

Eigth months later, and with the Mobile Web Best Practices now in implementation feedback phase, I thought it was time that I applied the very principles I had contributed to develop to this blog (powered by WordPress).

29 June 2006

Mobile Web Best Practices checker

As announced in the WWW2006 conference and as part of the Press Release accompanying the publication of the Mobile Web Best Practices as a Candidate Recommendation, work has started on the development of an open-source Best Practices checker.

It is still at alpha release stage and hasn’t been properly reviewed by the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group; meanwhile, developing it has been a lot of fun!

18 April 2006

Small SURBL Python library

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The spammers have striken again, and we received reports that one of our extremely useful public service was used to work around URL matching techniques for spammers. In other words, a spammer who would have been identified (in email messages, blog comments) as using as a URI in his spam could workaround it by putting a link to instead, and given that the said service more or less entirely preserves the content as is, this allowed indeed to put a link to the incriminated content.

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