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21 July 2010

Using the W3C cheatsheet as a “smart bookmark”

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One of the users of the W3C cheatsheet (of which a new version was released yesterday including HTML5) reminded me of a nifty feature available in a number of browsers, the so called “smart bookmarks”, and how they could be used with the cheatsheet.

A smart bookmark is basically a bookmark where a part of the URL can be replaced by a user entered string; depending on the browser, this smart bookmark can then be invoked with a said string to bring you directly to a specific page (often, a search result).

Picture of Dominique Hazael-MassieuxDominique Hazaël-Massieux ( is part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Staff; his interests cover a number of Web technologies, as well as the usage of open source software in a distributed work environment.