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16 October 2009

Device APIs on the way

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9 October 2009

Web 2.0 illustrated

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I am by no mean good at making graphics, but I very much like the idea of turning complex ideas into easier-to-grasp graphics.

As I was invited to talk about “Web 2.0” a month ago at the WITFOR conference, I wanted to use a graphic that would illustrate Tim O’Reilly’s definition of Web 2.0 in 7 points.

I started to look for existing illustrations that I could re-use, but while there are many illustrations of what Web 2.0 is in general, I didn’t find any that focused on Tim’s “official” definition; since a big part of the message I wanted to convey was that Web 2.0 was not (only) a buzzword but was actually a fairly well-defined concept, I couldn’t just re-use any of these vague illustrations.

Prezi vs JessyInk

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I gave a couple of talks over the past month, where I chose not to use the W3C-traditional HTML-based slides (using Slidy), but instead to use a more graphical approach, using two different tools:

I’m summarizing below my experiences with both these tools.


Prezi is a Flash-based tool, that allows both to build and show 2D-presentations.

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