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31 March 2009

Device Independent or Accessible? at European Accessibility Forum

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20 March 2009 is live!

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The long-announced W3C site redesign is finally going live, in beta for the time being, at

Although I’m far from having been the lead in that project – nobody has even come closed to the amount of energy and willpower Ian has put into it -, I’m still quite proud of the areas where I have been able to contribute to, in particular the completely new information architecture, the focus on usability on user-centric navigation, as well as some participation in the software architecture and development that is used in the background of this redesign.

Picture of Dominique Hazael-MassieuxDominique Hazaël-Massieux ( is part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Staff; his interests cover a number of Web technologies, as well as the usage of open source software in a distributed work environment.