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25 October 2007

ParisWeb 2007

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I’ve been invited to participate the Paris Web conference, in (how-surprisingly) Paris; I’ll be closing the conference on November 16, presenting the ongoing work of W3C on the Mobile Web, and in particular the recent progress on mobileOK.

I’ve heard plenty of good things on last year edition of the conference, and the programme this year looks quite promising as well; so, no doubt, I’ll be there!

Paris Web 2007, 15, 16 & 17 novembre, J’y serai !

5 Responses to “ParisWeb 2007”

  1. Benjamin De Cock Says:

    Merci pour cette belle intervention à Paris Web, ça a permis je pense d’ouvrir les yeux à pas mal de monde sur l’importance de cette technologie!

  2. Marin Says:

    Hi Dominique, I saw your conference at Paris-Web. Just sad that you were rushed by the clock. I was planning to ask a question about the proper doctype to use on mobile pages. There is a bunch of sites (including Youtube Mobile) that use the XHTML Mobile but you only mentionned XHTML Basic.

    Which one should we preferably use?

  3. Dom Says:

    Hi Marin, sorry for the the late reply. XHTML Mobile Profile (1.2) and XHTML Basic (1.1) are now pretty much the same specification, as you can see at:

    So, to make a long story short, using Mobile Profile or Basic is mostly equivalent.

  4. Dom Says:

    BTW, my slides are at if anyone is looking for them.

  5. Marin Says:

    Thanks for the answer and for the slides.

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