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20 September 2006

Making this blog mobile friendly

The result of all of this is pretty satisfying: Screenshot of this blog in blazer in Blazer and Screenshot of this blog in Opera Mini in Opera Mini.

So, a few conclusions from this exercice:

  • it ain’t very hard, but it ought to be still a bit less so
  • when doing a single version for mobile/non-mobile, you need to get rid of anything that isn’t directly on point for the current page (in my case, the tabular calendar and the list of categories); not a great loss here, but this is probably the most important point to consider to choose between one version vs several adapted versions
  • do clean up your digital photos, esp. when you thumbnail them
  • the CSS @media hack described above is certainly a pattern I expect to use quite often, making CSS a pretty powerful tool for simple adaptation

One Response to “Making this blog mobile friendly”

  1. Justin Thorp Says:

    Awesome technique on serving up XHTML Basic. I have never really written anything in XHTML Basic before and was really confused until now about how I was going to make it work.

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