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20 September 2006

Making this blog mobile friendly

As I quickly noted when I got my Treo 650 PDA, this very blog didn’t look quite good when used on the Web browser included with it (Blazer v4).

Eigth months later, and with the Mobile Web Best Practices now in implementation feedback phase, I thought it was time that I applied the very principles I had contributed to develop to this blog (powered by WordPress).

18 September 2006

Offline Web cache with Squid

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One of the nice properties of HTTP as a protocol is that it includes a very well-thought caching protocol, which allows for proxies and caches to serve as intermediary between the authoritative server and the end-user client.

While this is often used either in big proxies set up where one proxy caches results for a large set of clients, or at a micro-level where a given user agent keeps some set of resources in its private cache, I’ve found it much more useful to set up a full cache for my laptop that allows to do transparently off-line browsing.

Picture of Dominique Hazael-MassieuxDominique Hazaël-Massieux ( is part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Staff; his interests cover a number of Web technologies, as well as the usage of open source software in a distributed work environment.