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8 September 2005

Worldclock with gdesklets

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Working with people around the world, I often ask myself what time is it where X is? How long Y will be available? Until when Z will be pestering me? Although there are plenty of web sites that give you that information (I particularly like the worldclock from time and, this kind of information is something I want directly available on my desktop, especially when I’m using IRC – our primary mode of instant communication in W3C.

So, using a Gnome desktop, I installed a set of 4 clocks on my desktop set on the timezones of the people I work the most often with… Et voilà !

4 clocks on my desktop

2 Responses to “Worldclock with gdesklets”

  1. maxf Says:

    KDE allows the same functionality, i.e. several clocks in the sidebar showing different timezones. It doesn’t look as fancy, though. In fact, I use wmtz. Less nice-looking, but uses very little screen space.

  2. Derekw Says:

    Huh, using FC5 I’m having trouble getting this to work. I installed gdesklets from Fedora Extras (version 0.35.4) but I had trouble finding the clock desklet. I was eventually able to find it from DAG’s site (your link into gdesktops is broken) but it doesn’t work; the display is truncated and doesn’t give me a good picture. Any suggestions?

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