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6 September 2005

New responsibilities

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As of this month, my time allocation is moving from half-QA/half-Systems Team to half-Mobile Web Initiative (also known as MWI)/half-Systems Team.

While I have a certain sadness to leave the work on QA after having been involved in it for the past three years, it’s good to leave it with a set of very satisfying results: the Specification Guidelines were published as a W3C Recommendation a few weeks ago, the Working Group – while its charter is not going to be renewed – is on track to continue its most important work items through the Interest Group, after a truly excellent face-to-face meeting in Dublin; among them, work has started on formalizing the group experience on test case metadata which should hopefully be published as a note in the upcoming weeks.

More importantly, I’m hoping that my work in MWI will be in the direct continuation of my work in QA: defining best practices for making the Web a better place, shaping conformance for a trustmark, working on validation tools, and more generally, applying the principles that we have developed in QA for the past few years in a Working Group.

The Best Practices Working Group has a set of very thorny challenges to solve if it wants to achieve its stated goal of making Web access from a mobile device as simple, easy and convenient as Web access from a desktop device: it needs to find the right spot between being too demanding with regard to the current browsers implementations on mobile devices, and being too lenient, leading to a dismished user experience; it needs to identify which technologies are the best fit, without excluding other technologies from participating to the Mobile Web; it needs to strengthen the idea of One Web accessible from everywhere on every device, but still allow to get a user experience fitting at best the browsing device.

The good news is that the group has been already fairly productive: it published last week a first working draft to scope the work on best practices; this document presents in more details the issues the working group is trying to address, especially about the One Web vision. Meanwhile, the work on the actual best practices is progressing, and we’re hoping to have a first draft out in the upcoming weeks.

While most of the work in this group is done in the Member-only forum, public participation is more than welcomed on the public mailing list.

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