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24 May 2005

XTech 2005

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I’m leaving later today for Amsterdam, where I’ll be attending the XTech Conference for there rest of the week, with a pretty exciting program; I haven’t yet ever tried conference blogging, but if my laptop doesn’t die (it’s making weird disk noises and has been very uncooperative lately), I may take a stab at it…

I haven’t yet made a plan of what sessions I’ll be attending, but I already know where I’ll be Thursday afternoon

19 May 2005

GRDDL specification updated works with Microformats

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The GRDDL specification was updated with a new version last Monday. While there was quite a bit of editorial work (mainly the work of DanC), there were two really impotant changes:

  • the document is now a Team Submission rather than a Coordination Group Note; this was the shortest way to update the specification, given that no Working Group has clearly manifested an interest in maintaining the document at this time (see the related discussion) , but this is not necessarily the final status of the specification
  • using GRDDL as a way to describe a specific HTML profile has been officially added to the specification

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