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10 March 2005

W3C True Face exposed

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…or rather W3C Team true faces.

W3C Team picture

The picture was taken by Richard during our annual Team day back in December, one of these too rare occasions where the Team as a whole gets to talk, meet, know each other, etc. Well, even then, it is rarely as a whole, since it’s extremely difficult to gather 70 persons from around the world at the same time and place, even once a year; and indeed, the picture linked above has only 50 persons; but it’s probably a good enough sample to get a good idea of what the human side of W3C looks like.

(it wasn’t intended when we took the picture, but picking words on the whiteboard behind the people which served as a support for our work discussions that day is quite refreshing)

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  1. olivier Says:

    Just a warning – the picture linked is huge (1.3meg).

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