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13 December 2004

GRDDL to annotate XML documents based on their XML Schema

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Dan Connolly recently demonstrated that GRDDL could also be used as a way to tie semantics to a given XML schema, based on the namespaceTransformation property defined in GRDDL.

The only restriction is that it relies on having the said schema served at the namespace URI of the given vocabulary; in other words, it wouldn’t work through xsi:schemaLocation, but that’s probably a very acceptable restriction, especially since the XML Namespace solution scales much better, in that you don’t have to duplicate the information again and again. This very much relates to the namespaceDocument issue the TAG has in its queue

Anyway, this works both in DanC’s python implementation of GRDDL and in the on-line XSLT-based demonstrator, when applied for instance to the Purcharse Order example inspired from the XML Schema primer.

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