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8 October 2004

Let’s celebrate!

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I’m in Chicago since the start of the week, working with one of my colleagues on various projects, having fun with IPP (the boring looking implementation of W3C Patent Policy) to make it as integrated as possible with other W3C tools; I just finished interfacing it with our TR automation set up, using RAP, a set of PHP modules to parse and use RDF in PHP, with a good and straightforward API for the little I’ve used.

Among all this hacking was the back end of the W3C 10th Birthday Celebration greetings card, using one more time XSLT as a way to format the content of a mailing list archives that actually collects the greetings.

Join us in celebrating this 10th birthday and send your greetings in your favorite language!

Picture of Dominique Hazael-MassieuxDominique Hazaël-Massieux ( is part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Staff; his interests cover a number of Web technologies, as well as the usage of open source software in a distributed work environment.