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7 July 2004

A Semantic Web protocol for updates to a knowledge base

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For quite some time now (from our Team-only archives, I find a reference back in September 2002) I have been thinking to deploy the following protocol to update RDF knowledge bases, that takes advantage of RDF mergeability and of the concept of filtering in cwm (the command line tool for Semantic Web operations developed by the SWAD Team at W3C).

The general idea is to allow one to HTTP POST a chunk of RDF to an RDF file on a Web server, and have the RDF chunk added to the file, but with the possibility of filtering who gets to add what type of data. Let’s get a little more in the details…

6 July 2004

Spam statistics

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I’ve run very crude statistics on the amount of spam I’m getting and filtering in the past 6 months:

  • I’m getting between 500 and 600 messages a day
  • among those, around 400 are spam
  • among them, the vast majority (~90%) is simply trashed, relying on SpamAssassin – I basically direct all messages with a SA score greater than 12 to /dev/null
  • on the remaining 10%, 90 to 95% are put in a distinct mailbox (cleverly labeled spam)
  • … which leaves me with about 3 spams in my inbox per day, which is quite manageable

PGP based white-list

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I’ve published last week the set up I’m using to white list my incoming mails based on a PGP; although I had been using PGP until now mostly to separate clearly messages that one can trust come from me from forgeries (and let’s admit it, also to get the feeling of doing the right thing), I’m starting to see even more direct benefits from it.

For instance, my also recently published bot to automatically approve messages sent by me to W3C list archives shows that being able to tell that a message comes from my can also be useful … for myself!

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