27 March 2007

EGovernment and the Web: Workshop Report

photo of Workshop panel discussion 2007-03-20: The European W3C Symposium on eGovernment Report has been published. Participants discussed specific government and citizens' needs related to eGovernment services, to identify aspects that put Web interoperability at risk and find how governments can deliver better and more efficient services through computer technologies. Held 1-2 February (press release), in Gijón, Asturias, Spain, the symposium was organized by the W3C Spanish Office and Fundación CTIC, and supported by the Principality of Asturias Government. (Permalink)

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Last Call: Web Services Description Language (WSDL) 2.0

2007-03-27: The Web Services Description Working Group released three Last Call Working Drafts for the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Version 2.0: Part 0: Primer, Part 1: Core Language and Part 2: Adjuncts. Comments are welcome through 15 April on this brief Last Call for changes since Candidate Recommendation review. The following WSDL Working Drafts are updated:

WSDL 2.0 models and describes modular Web services and is used to document distributed systems and to automate communication between applications. Read about Web services. (Permalink)

Last Call: SPARQL Query Language for RDF

2007-03-27: The RDF Data Access Working Group has released a third Last Call Working Draft of the SPARQL Query Language for RDF. SPARQL (pronounced "sparkle") offers developers and end users a way to write and to consume search results across a wide range of information such as personal data, social networks and metadata about digital artifacts like music and images. SPARQL also provides a means of integration over disparate sources. Comments are due by 18 April. Visit the Semantic Web home page. (Permalink)

Last Call: EARL 1.0 Schema

2007-03-23: The WAI ERT Working Group released a Last Call Working Draft of EARL 1.0 Schema. Comments are welcome through 20 April. The Evaluation and Report Language (EARL) is a format to exchange, combine, and analyze results from different evaluation tools and checkers. EARL is introduced in the Evaluation and Report Language (EARL) Overview. Visit the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) home page. (Permalink)

HTTP Vocabulary in RDF: Working Draft

2007-03-23: The WAI ERT Working Group has released an updated Working Draft of HTTP Vocabulary in RDF. With these terms, HTTP headers exchanged between clients and servers can be recorded in RDF format. Terms include vocabulary for the HTTPS scheme as well as other extensions to the core specification. Visit the WAI ERT home page. (Permalink)

XQuery Scripting Extension and Version 1.1 Requirements: Working Drafts

2007-03-23: Responding to requests from Working Group participants and the wider community, the XML Query Working Group released two First Public Working Drafts. XQuery Scripting Extension 1.0 Requirements describes goals and requirements for making XQuery 1.0 functional as a scripting language. XML Query (XQuery) 1.1 Requirements describes compatibility and functionality requirements for extending XML Query 1.0. Visit the XML home page. (Permalink)

Notes: XML Query Requirements and Use Cases

2007-03-23: The XML Query Working Group published two Working Group Notes, XML Query (XQuery) Requirements and XML Query Use Cases. The documents are a record of the development of XQuery and its associated specifications. Part of the XML family, the Recommendations are used for data mining, document transformation, and enterprise computing. Visit the XML home page. (Permalink)