New version

Although the difference between 4.1 and 4.1.0a doesn’t look like much, this is a substantial update. I also updated the help/user guide.


Added support for Unicode version 4.1.0.

Retrieves graphics from rather than the slow-loading and sparse graphics that were available from the Unicode site. Also added my own graphics where decodeunicode has gaps.

Moved the files to PHP. This enables a different approach to the inclusion of user-defined notes that now works on IE and Opera, too.

Another benefit of using PHP is that you can now prep the conversion page with data in the ‘Code point’ or ‘Cut & paste’ fields. By clicking on the appropriate icon, the conversion page will now open with the conversions already done for the relevant field.

Yet another benefit of PHP is that, if you really want to, you can now set various preferences related to the intial look and feel by specifying them as query parameters when you call UniView.

NOTE: If you want to be able to download UniView to your hard drive and you don’t have a server and PHP, let me know. If enough people ask for it, I will create a downloadable zipped package again that will work without PHP (and without the additional notes feature). I will also post notes on how to customise various aspects of the setup.

Rearranged the top of the page to allow UniView to be used in narrower windows.